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At the Law Offices of Robert B. Muchinsky, LLC, we have successfully reduced the sentences of those convicted of crimes who were incarcerated in Connecticut.

An application may be made to the courts to modify the sentence of those convicted of a crime and whose sentence, including suspended time, is more than three years. In order for a motion to modify one's sentence to proceed, there must be a reason to modify the sentence imposed by the court.

Dedicated Assistance With Sentence Modification

We will investigate the circumstances of the sentencing procedure as well as all the relevant documents that could provide a reason to support a modification of an imposed sentence. These documents include, among others, the transcript of the sentencing proceeding, the pre-sentence investigation report, other court documents, school records and medical records, including any psychological assessments.

If a reason to modify a sentence is found through the investigative process, the state's attorney who prosecuted the case must agree with and endorse the motion in order for it to proceed to the judge who originally imposed the sentence. At that time, the judge may — after a hearing and for good cause shown — reduce the sentence, order the defendant discharged or order the defendant on probation.

New Evidence

A person convicted of a crime after a trial may be entitled to a new trial should new evidence be found that, if it had been available at the time of the trial, could have had a substantial effect on the outcome of the trial.

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