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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Moving on from past mistakes with a pardon

Years ago, you made a mistake that left you with a criminal record. You fulfilled your punishment and moved on. But your criminal record has followed you.

If you need relief from a mistake made in the past, you can apply for a pardon in Connecticut. A pardon clears your record, letting you apply for jobs or housing without worrying about a background check.

Completely erase your record with a full pardon

In Connecticut, you can apply for a full pardon that completely clears your record. The state will erase all court records of your sentence. If an employer asks you if you have a conviction, you can legally say no.

You can apply for a full pardon three years after a misdemeanor sentence and five years after a felony sentence. The Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles reviews your application in a hearing. They consider your past and if a pardon would benefit both you and society. If they deny your request, they must explain exactly why.

Expedited pardons speed up the process

If you have a conviction for a nonviolent crime, you can also apply for an expedited pardon. You don’t have to show up for a hearing in this proceeding. Instead, you fill out your application, and the board reviews it without you there.

Restoring your ability to get a job

You can also apply for a Certificate of Employability, which forbids employers from denying you employment based on your criminal background. This certificate is not a pardon, but it goes through a similar process. You can remove your record’s negative effect on your job prospects.

Letting you move on

You don’t want to be haunted by your past mistakes. A criminal record can affect your ability to be a full member of society. You can lose out on job opportunities, receive denials for housing and even lose the right to vote.

A pardon allows you to truly move on from your past.