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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

It can be possible to get removed from the sex offender registry

Sex offenders, in many cases, have the charge on their criminal record for the remainder of their lives. However, there may be some instances where someone with a previous offense could get removed from the state registry.

Ways one could get charged as a sex offender

Getting convicted of rape, child molestation or possession of child pornography aren’t the only things that can leave someone with criminal charges. A person may have to register as a sex offender for peeing in public or soliciting a prostitute.

Receiving a sex offender charge can be both detrimental and embarrassing. That’s because getting charged, even if the person isn’t dangerous, could severely limit their career prospects and give them a bad reputation.

How state and federal rules come into play

While Connecticut sex offenders often can’t get removed from the state registry, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for those looking for expungement. As Connecticut is compliant with federal sex offender laws, those with sex crimes on their record get divided into three different tiers, which can determine who can apply for registry removal. Here is how each of them work:

  • Tier 1: People can typically get removed from the registry if they’ve had a clean record for at least ten years after their offense.
  • Tier 2: People can apply for registry expungement if they’ve had a clean record for 25 years after their offense. Tier 2 can be for those who have engaged in sex trafficking by fraud or coercion.
  • Tier 3: If someone’s charge gets classified as a tier 3 offense, their conviction is often so heinous that it can’t get them removed from the registry. Such offenses can include forcing someone into a sexual act through intimidation or threats or having sexual contact with a minor under the age of 12.

Sex crime convictions can be life-ruining

Getting charged with a sex crime can be a severe offense. If one is found guilty, their charge could significantly limit their abilities and opportunities in life. For those who have questions about how they can get their offenses removed from their record, they have multiple options available.