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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

What to expect in a Connecticut drug court

If you’re facing a drug charge, you have every reason to be anxious. You may be struggling with addiction or mental illness, and a period of incarceration isn’t going to make your situation any better. Nor will having that conviction follow you around forever.

Drug court may help. These interventionist courts have developed along with a better understanding of what forces people to engage in drug crimes and what drives drug addiction in the first place. They also reflect the acknowledgment that imprisonment is seldom the correct answer for someone suffering from drug addiction.

In order to qualify for Connecticut’s Drug Intervention Program, you must not be accused of a violent crime and you must be addicted to drugs of some kind. If you’re permitted to participate in the program, you can expect:

  • 12-15 months of regular court appearances to help the court track your progress
  • Regular drug testing, most likely at random
  • Required detox and substance abuse treatment
  • Possible inpatient treatment at a rehab center
  • Ongoing outpatient addiction treatment and mental health care

You may also be required to participate in vocational and educational training. For some people, the extensive process is too much to handle. However, if you’re hoping to break the cycle of drug addiction and avoid jail, this may be the perfect option for you. Find out how our attorneys can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case, including the potential of a suspended sentence or alternative incarceration centers.