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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Defending against drug charges in Connecticut

All criminal charges or even allegations are serious in the state of Connecticut. Many drug-related arrests result in felony charges, which could lead to hefty fines, time in jail and substantial damage to your good name. Even misdemeanor drug offenses like possession of illegal substances can lead to a jail sentence and other harsh consequences, especially for those who do not seek experienced legal representation.

Despite the severity of some drug possession charges, all accused parties have the right to create a defense. Depending upon the details of your case, it is possible to avoid the harshest of consequences associated with drug charges. Some of the most effective defenses against drug possession include the following.

  • Not your drugs: This defense is particularly effective when other people were present during your arrest. A skilled attorney knows how to press prosecutors into proving that the drugs belonged to you and not another party. Failure to do so gives you a good chance of winning your case.
  • Illegal search and seizure: The constitution protects U.S. citizens against unlawful search and seizure practices on the part of police officers. A good lawyer can investigate your situation to determine if law enforcement officers violated your rights.
  • Missing evidence: If the prosecution loses evidence against you, it is likely the prosecutor will not be able to proceed with your case. Losing track of crucial evidence happens much more than most people believe.

When facing drug charges, you always run the risk of a conviction. However, giving up and accepting your fate should never be an option. Instead, take a proactive approach to your circumstances by seeking counsel and working hard to protect your freedom and your future.