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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Sending a nude picture without permission could be considered harassment

Trading racy pictures has become a common practice in modern dating. Many people are eager to connect with someone online or via mobile devices, even if an in-person meet-up isn’t possible right away.

However, you can’t just start firing off pictures of your naked body or your genitals to other people without their permission. If someone doesn’t want and hasn’t asked for such an image, sending it to them unsolicited could constitute harassment. That means that you may find yourself facing criminal charges.

Connecticut has a broad definition of harassment

The state has expanded harassment laws to include unwelcome and unwanted communication on many different platforms. Laws once intended to stop obscene phone calls have received an update to include electronic communications.

Behavior that might constitute stalking or harassment on digital platforms like email, social media applications and dating apps could open someone up to misdemeanor criminal charges under Connecticut law. Sending an unwanted image of your naked body to another person could easily fall into this category of criminal offenses.

Using electronic devices to harass another person, such as by sending indecent or obscene content, could be a Class C misdemeanor under state law. The offense could be even more serious if the recipient is under the age of consent or is someone who reports to you at work.

Anyone facing criminal charges that involve a sexual offense will benefit from getting help from an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to deal with the charges. A conviction for such charges could have long-term personal and career consequences.