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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Could you be falsely accused of molesting your stepchild?

There is nothing to destroy a blended family quite like an allegation of sexual abuse. Just when you thought things were going fine, you find yourself being interviewed by child protection services over allegations that you’ve sexually abused your stepchild.

What’s going on? There are several reasons this could have happened:

  • A teacher reported it: Just because the child protection services are interviewing you does not mean they are accusing you or that your stepdaughter is accusing you. Teachers and certain other professionals must file a report if they see signs that your stepchild may have suffered sexual abuse. You could be one of a few people interviewed to find out more.
  • The child’s other biological parent wants you gone: As a parent, it can be hard to see your child living under the same roof as someone else. It may also be challenging to see your ex living with another partner. Whether through malice or an unstable mind, reporting you to the authorities may seem a good idea to that person.
  • The child wants you out of their life: It can be challenging for a child to adapt to a new person telling them what to do and taking away their parents’ attention. They may be hoping their biological parents reunite. Accusing you of touching them may seem like the best way to get things back to “normal.”
  • The child used you to protect someone else: Children — even teenagers — say and do things that don’t make sense to adults. Your stepchild could be protecting a boyfriend, for example, out of fear that your spouse will get angry if they find out she’s been sexually active.

Seek urgent legal help if falsely accused of sexual abuse against a child. The ramifications could be massive, even when the claims are proven to be unfounded.