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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Why don’t companies hire felons? 

If you’re facing felony charges, one thing you’re likely concerned about is the impact your record will have on your future. Yes, you want to avoid a long stint in jail as well, but that may not even be in the cards, depending on the charges against you. But even a short jail sentence — or none at all — can drastically alter your future if no one will hire you after you get out. 

Now, there are companies that make it a practice to hire those with felony records, but most will not do it unless they have to. Why is this? You’ve been to prison, served your time and gotten your life back on track. Why are companies hesitant to hire you? 

Liability and risk for the employer play a major role

Essentially, the reaction of a prospective employer to your conviction is all about risk. They may assume your record means you’re more likely to commit a crime in the future or that you’re not going to be able to hold down a job. They may wonder about your character and your ability to fit in with the rest of the workforce. 

Now, they could be completely wrong: You could be the best employee they’ve ever hired. But the company only sees the risk. Most determine that it is just not worth taking that risk unless they have no other choice. If there are other candidates without criminal records, they get an edge over you. They appear to pose less of a risk, whether that’s accurate or not.

Your legal defense options when you’re facing charges

This is just one reason you really want to look into all your defense options if you’re facing charges. Doing all you can to avoid a long-term record may help significantly.