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What’s the age of consent for intercourse in Connecticut?

| Apr 27, 2021 | Sex Offenses

Laws surrounding statutory rape are designed to protect young, vulnerable people from being victimized by others. But the laws can be both convoluted and confusing. Plus, they vary greatly from state to state.

So, what are the rules in Connecticut when it comes to the legal ability to consent to sexual intercourse?

Legal consent and sexual intercourse defined

While there are “Romeo and Juliet” exceptions in this state that do permit minors to consent to sex with another minor as long as they are close in age to each other, the general rule is that the age of consent for sexual intercourse is 16 years of age.

In other words, anyone 18-years-old or older who has sexual intercourse with a minor under 16 years of age can be charged with statutory rape. Plus, the law makes a further exception in cases where the adult is in a position of authority over the minor (like their coach, therapist, teacher or employer). In those situations, the age of consent is bumped up to 18 years of age.

This is very important to keep in mind if you’re a legal adult who is romantically interested in a teenage minor. It’s also wise to understand that “intercourse” is defined as any kind of oral, vaginal or anal penetration, regardless of how slight or what body parts are used.

Knowing these rules can help you avoid serious legal charges — and a future where you’re labeled a sexual predator and subjected to all of the associated restrictions.

When you’re facing charges related to a sexual offense

Any sexual offense charge, including statutory rape, needs to be handled carefully. Your reputation and your future are on the line. If you’re facing charges, be smart: Invoke your right to remain silent and don’t speak to anybody about your case until you talk to an attorney.