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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Are you under investigation in Connecticut? Signs to look for

Sometimes, police officers catch you in an alleged crime and arrest you on the spot. However, when law enforcement or state prosecutors believe you are involved in serious criminal activities, they typically launch an investigation to determine if an arrest is warranted.

Large-scale drug distribution, sex crimes and organized crime are three offenses that typically require a thorough investigation before an arrest. In some cases, law enforcement will tell you that they are investigating you. Other times, they may investigate you covertly so they don’t alert you of their suspicions.

How can you tell if you are under investigation?

Often, those under investigation can feel that something is different in their daily lives. Some of the signs you might encounter include:

  • Officers or detectives call you or show up at your home to talk with you or question your family or friends about you.
  • You see strange automobiles parked near your home and work.
  • You receive unknown social media connection requests.
  • You’re asked to come to the police station for questioning.

If one or more of these things occur, particularly any of those involving questioning, it is time for you to consider the need for an attorney. We know you will be facing a fear of the unknown and fear of arrest during this time. As such, we recommend that you adopt a proactive approach and begin protecting yourself immediately.

Learning more about your rights during a criminal investigation in which you are involved can also help you as you prepare your defense in case the investigation leads to an arrest.