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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Were Your Assets Seized In Connection With A Drug Raid? Get Legal Advice.

Civil assets forfeiture often comes up in drug cases. Police may seize money, a car and even your house if they can show that these assets were the profits of a criminal activity. Furthermore, law enforcement agents may seize property “believed to be possessed, controlled, designed or intended for use or which is or has been used or which may be used as a means of committing any criminal offense.” (Source: Connecticut laws.

If the police have taken your assets or if you believe they will likely do so because of drug crime accusations, get a defense attorney on your side as soon as possible to protect your property.

About Connecticut Civil Asset Seizure Laws

Several years ago, Connecticut banned the civil seizure of assets unless there was a resulting criminal conviction. The law stipulated that for law enforcement agents to confiscate and keep your property, there had to be a lawful arrest or search resulting in an arrest. At the conclusion of a criminal case, if there was no guilty verdict or plea bargain, the government had to return the property to its owner.

Despite the protections of the new law, the state may still take your property before you are convicted of anything – even if they may later give it back. Although this law may offer you hope after having your assets seized, timing is critical. Specific deadlines and required actions apply if you hope to recover your property as soon as possible and in full.

How To Protect Yourself

It should be obvious that legal counsel is critical in cases of asset seizure or threats of asset seizure. At Law Offices of Robert B. Muchinsky, LLC, you can count on a concerted effort to prevent disruption in your life and to minimize or reverse the loss of property through law enforcement’s actions.

Furthermore, if you have been charged with a crime that provided the impetus for the asset seizure, you need aggressive, zealous representation to ensure the best outcome in that case. Your freedom, future and property may hang in the balance if a family member or housemate has been charged with a drug crime, possibly putting your car or house at risk of forfeiture to the government.

Our Defense Lawyer Works Hard To Mitigate Harm To People Accused Of Crimes

At Law Offices of Robert B. Muchinsky, LLC, you will be treated with respect. Your Constitutional rights will take center stage from the start. Time is of the essence after the police have seized your assets and/or charged you with a crime. Call 866-587-9294 or inquire online to request a consultation with a dedicated, skillful defense attorney at your earliest convenience.