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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Fight The Fight Of Your Life In Light Of Child Molestation Charges

Perhaps no other criminal accusation can taint your reputation as seriously as allegations of the sexual abuse of a child. If you have been accused or charged with a crime like this, you are in a state of legal emergency that requires your strongest defense.

Law Offices of Robert B. Muchinsky, LLC, has successfully represented clients accused of child molestation. Through these experiences, Mr. Muchinsky is well aware of the harm that unfounded accusations can do. Your family, your career and your self-esteem are at risk when claims of abuse come to light.

In the #MeToo era more than ever, many people rush to believe such allegations even before an investigation has gotten underway. While our firm fully respects those who may report suspected child abuse in good faith, we also realize that many other people damage lives through falsehoods and exaggeration. And as an established defense firm, we stand behind the rights of the accused in any criminal matter.

Tempus Fugit

Timely legal representation is always important, but especially when it comes to claims of child abuse. Time is not on your side after allegations surface. You must turn things around through a swift and powerful defense. You can trust our founding attorney, Robert B. Muchinsky, to defend you vigorously and skillfully.

Mr. Muchinsky is known for his dedicated, effective and commonsense approach to criminal defense. Clients appreciate his willingness to seek alternatives to jail. They benefit from the efficient advocacy and personal attention that we provide when they retain us for their criminal matters, including sensitive matters like alleged exploitation of a minor.

Social Aspects And Implications

Child molestation charges may arise in a divorce or custody dispute. Then, an investigator may appear to on your side while asking you to supply information “to clear up the charges.” Beware. The officer soliciting statements from you is not your friend. S/he is looking for probable cause to arrest you. Even casual comments that you make may be used against you. The officer may also quote you out of context and otherwise misrepresent what you said to make you appear guilty.

What To Do?

The best path forward right away after you learn you have been accused is to protect your right to silence. Secondly, seek legal representation as soon as possible even if you are convinced there is no merit in the charges against you. Do not discuss the charges with anyone except a lawyer in a confidential consultation.

Your life hangs in the balance. Do not delay. Request a confidential consultation with an established defense attorney by calling 866-587-9294  or sending a brief note online.