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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Aggressive Defense For Synthetic Drug Crime Charges

Many people charged with crimes involving synthetic drugs have claimed they did not know these drugs were illegal. Some were sold over the counter in gasoline stations and convenience stores. They may have been in plastic bags imitating street drugs or in shiny printed packages deceptively labeled as “unfit for human consumption.”

In fact, you may be charged – or may have already been charged – with a felony for making, selling or buying synthetic cannabinoids or cathinones under the term “bath salts” or with product names like:

  • Green Giant
  • Joker
  • N-bomb
  • Flakka

Not knowing these substances are illegal is not enough to prevent an arrest or conviction.

Federal drug enforcement agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have brought hard-hitting cases against individual sellers, buyers and conspirators dealing in synthetic drugs. One convicted offender was recently sentenced to several years in prison without parole and a requirement that he and two co-defendants pay the government $6 million in penalties after they made and sold such substances for years.

If You Have Been Accused, You Need The Best Legal Defense You Can Get

Just because you were allegedly caught does not mean you are guilty as charged. You have Constitutional rights. Were you accused without sufficient evidence?

Protect your freedom and future with the help of a talented attorney at all stages of your criminal case. Once you go before a prosecutor, he or she may offer you a plea bargaining deal with no jail time, but you could end up with a damaging conviction on your record. A consultation with an experienced drug crime defense lawyer is essential.

At the Law Offices of Robert B. Muchinsky, LLC, you will find an advocate who will work hard to keep you from ending up with a criminal record if possible. Our founding attorney, Robert B. Muchinsky, is known for his dedicated, effective and commonsense approach to criminal defense.

What Is Your Story And What Will The Next Chapter Bring?

You may have been an owner, manager or vendor at a convenience store, distributing substances you did not know were illegal. You may have sold or bought small packages of synthetic drugs, not believing you might be charged with a felony. Now you are in trouble. You need a skilled trial lawyer to discover and develop your defense if you face criminal charges.

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