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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Defending Your Future Against Drug Charges

When a law enforcement officer claims to have found illegal drugs in your possession, that does not mean that the state can prove you are guilty of a crime. Many defenses can prevent an arrest from becoming a conviction.

If you have been charged with a drug crime such as the following, is there a defense that may save your freedom and your future?

A review of your Constitutional defenses may confirm that the police conducted an unlawful stop or search. Your case may be dismissed if you stand up for your right to timely legal representation.

What To Do Now To Get Your Defense Underway

If you are seeing this webpage at the time of your arrest or soon afterward, remember your right to remain silent. Without advice from a lawyer, do not tell a police officer, an investigator or a prosecutor that you committed a drug offense. You have Constitutional rights to legal counsel. You should not have to tolerate illegal, harsh treatment and penalties without a fair defense.

When you talk about your case with lawyer Robert Muchinsky in Hartford, you can count on compassion, clarity and direction. Mr. Muchinsky will help you review all known facts in search of clues leading to a promising defense such as the following.

  • Police may have stopped you without cause.
  • They may have conducted an illegal search and seizure. If so, any evidence uncovered should not be presentable in court.
  • They may have accused you of possession of a banned substance without testing that substance to confirm what it was.
  • They may have conducted testing on the substance without protocols to prevent falsifying results.

Every client and set of facts are unique. For best results after a drug crime arrest, work with a defense attorney with abundant experience and a track record of success.

Why Legal Counsel Is So Critical

Make no mistake: A criminal arrest is a monumental event in your life. A negative outcome could become a weight around your neck for years. A conviction on your record could come back to haunt you every time you apply for a job, a loan or a professional license.

This is a time to pull out all the stops in your defense. Regardless of the circumstances behind your arrest, never plead guilty or make any admissions until you talk to a lawyer. You may have a strong defense.

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