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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Not all criminal cases lead to incarceration

People who are facing criminal charges in Connecticut may be shocked to learn that this state has a variety of alternatives to incarceration that might be used to address specific issues. These often provide individuals who are facing some of the more minor charges with a chance to resolve the matter without having to face harsh impacts that can come from imprisonment.

Community court is meant to handle things like simple possession of marijuana, public drunkenness, prostitution, shoplifting and similar charges. Instead of being sentenced to jail, the individuals who go before community court will perform community service, such as street cleanup. Once they successfully finish their sentence, the case is usually dismissed.

Individuals who are facing drug charges, such as possession, and don’t have an issue with violence may go through the drug intervention program. This is commonly known as drug court and involves remaining under the court’s supervision throughout the program. Participants go through rehabilitation and have random drug tests. Successful completion of the program can result in a favorable outcome of the case.

Other programs are available to address a variety of charges, including domestic violence. Individuals who are interested in these should work closely with their attorney to find out what options might be available to them.

It’s imperative that you consider how these might impact your future before you agree to them. Typically, people find the options that result in a dismissal of the charge upon successful completion of the program to be the most effective at minimizing the impact the criminal matter has on their future.