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Investigated Or Accused Of A Crime?

Facing drug charges? Consider plea bargain offers carefully

In most cases, those arrested on drug charges in Connecticut have one immediate and pressing concern: getting out of jail as quickly as possible. Although this is understandable, we like to counsel caution in these matters. Making snap decisions is unwise when you are entering the realm of criminal justice regardless of your alleged drug offense.

We know you are facing a great amount of uncertainty as well as fear when drug charges are filed against you. You do not want to go to jail and certainly not for months or years, which is a typical outcome in drug cases. When a prosecutor offers you a plea deal, you may feel compelled to accept immediately, but you will be better served by weighing the pros and cons of such an offer.

A plea bargain means pleading guilty to lesser charges in exchange for leniency. The benefits associated with plea bargains are often valuable to defendants and include:

  • Avoiding the uncertainty of a lengthy trial
  • The possibility of serving no jail time
  • Reduced fees, fines and other expenses related to your case

On the other hand, accepting a plea deal means that you must plead guilty to a crime, which will impact your life going forward. If you are innocent of the drug charges, pleading guilty may make you feel like a criminal.

Our law firm recommends evaluating your situation carefully in the wake of a plea bargain offer. Discuss your case with an experienced advocate to ensure that the benefits offered in the deal outweigh any potential disadvantages.

We also suggest that defendants in the state learn more about the law before accepting or refusing a plea bargain. You can find additional information about what to expect when facing drug charges on our website and in our blog.